Medical Provider Representation


Representing Physicians, Hospitals, Medical Groups, and Other Healthcare Providers and Organizations

Our Medical Provider Practice

Defending Physicians and Providers Against Malpractice Claims

Our medical provider practice is focused first and foremost on defending hospitals and medical professionals against medical malpractice claims.  Our success in this representation is founded on several factors:

We Are Trial Lawyers, and Approach Every Case with the Expectation of Prevailing at Trial

We have the willingness and demonstrated ability to go to trial. This approach dictates the way that we manage litigation, including our tenacious, meticulous approach to advancing the interests of our clients.

Put simply, we dedicate the time, resources, and energy to serve our clients’ interests. Correspondingly, opposing counsel know that we prepare for trial, which means that they will have to invest significant resources, and assume significant risks, in proceeding with cases.

We Bring a Wealth of Experience to Every Case

We have a wealth of experience in the medical field. For over 27 years, we have represented a variety of clients in the health care sector, including one of Utah’s largest health care organizations and the state’s largest single insurer of dental professionals both in legal and non-legal matters. This experience provides a deep understanding of the industry and a sound background from which to develop litigation, trial, and resolution strategies that take into account the technical considerations our healthcare clients live with every day.

We Develop Customized Strategies to Further Our Clients’ Business Interests

We respect our clients’ desire to achieve efficient and successful resolution of disputes and our litigation strategies are driven by our clients’ business strategies and interests. We are committed to providing advocacy and advice that best promotes our clients’ goals.

Our Background

Our background enables our team to communicate effectively with professionals in medicine, the sciences, and other areas to prepare for trial and to develop persuasive briefs and courtroom demonstratives. We also utilize this unique insight to successfully conduct internal investigations, early case assessments, pre-trial negotiations, and counseling to avoid future litigation.

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  • Defense verdict in Utah State Court against claim seeking 8 figure damage award for spinal cord injury and subsequent paralysis allegedly caused by care of hospital employee
  • Defense verdict in Wasatch County Utah against claim seeking 7 figure damage award for claim alleging treatment caused cauda equine syndrome and for failure to diagnose the syndrome
  • Defense verdict in Utah State Court against claim seeking 7 figure damage award for alleged brain injury to a child due to trauma at delivery from child falling to floor on head
  • Dismissal on eve of trial following evidentiary hearing resulting in opposing expert being stricken from testifying in claim seeking 7 figure damage award due to spinal cord infection
  • Reversal of Medicaid decision denying coverage for a life-changing medication needed by our client costing $600.00 per dose
  • Reversal of private insurer’s decision, following briefing and appeal hearing, denying coverage for leukemia treatment for our client costing in excess of 7 figures
  • Defense verdict in Davis County Utah against claim seeking 7 figure damage award in case alleging treatment caused facial pain syndrome
  • Voluntary dismissal and sanctions against opposing counsel during jury selection for withholding evidence in claim alleging experimental procedure caused colon injury
  • Defense verdict in claims seeking 7 figure damage award for alleged failure to properly treat leg fracture following ski accident and diagnose compartment syndrome


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