Our Results


Through Settlement and at Trial, We Have Achieved Numerous Victories and Successful Outcomes Over Decades of Practice and Client Representation

Our Results

Our attorneys collectively have decades of trial and litigation experience, often in high stakes matters where significant assets, professional reputations, and even the survival of a business is at stake.  The following is a representative list of the success that we have achieved for our clients.  Because of confidentiality clauses in many of our cases, we are unable to mention these cases here.

Personal Injury Representative Verdicts & Settlements

  • $12 Million settlement for wrongful death
  • $7 Million recovery in brain injury claim for child
  • $6 Million settlement for wrongful death
  • Plaintiffs verdict for $5.25 million against a pool operator for a wrongful death of a 7-year-old boy in swimming pool
  • Settlement for $5 Million in a wrongful death case during trial in a trucking accident
  • Settlement for $4.25 Million before trial in semi-truck/car collision, wrongful death
  • Settlement for $5 Million for brain injury in a trucking accident case
  • Aggregate settlement of $7.75 Million for brain injured infant in a products and premises liability case
  • Settlement for $3 Million for a brain injured client
  • Settlement for $7.5 Million for a single victim in a national food poisoning outbreak
  • Settlement for $4 Million for a single victim in a national food poisoning outbreak after a jury trial
  • Settlement for $1.2 Million for a single victim injury in motorcycle/truck collision

Business & Commercial Representative Verdicts & Statements

  • $32 Million recovery for client after appeal in trade secret embezzlement
  • $27 Million recovered for client in Utah Medical vs Tyco.
  • $7 Million verdict in partnership dispute Los Angeles County Superior Court
  • $7.5 Million for former law partner in Handy v. Siegfried & Jensen after a jury trial
  • $4.4 Million judgment for securities matter based on an asset-based loan transaction
  • Defeated $2 Million in bank deficiency claims with recovery of attorneys’ fees after bench trial
  • Defeated $24 Million claim against law firm brought by bankruptcy trustee
  • $3 Million recovery for client in wrongful foreclosure
  • Jury verdict for $1.25 Million recovery for breach of fiduciary duty in McGillis Investment Company v. Thurston
  • Jury verdict for $1 Million plus punitive damages on securities fraud and fiduciary duty claim in RV-Pizza Investors v. Taggart
  • Award of $300,000 and $350,000 in attorney’s fees for breach of contract in Glen Jensen v. Ash Capital, LLC as a defendant
  • Secured summary judgment on $50 Million claims for breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract

Medical Provider Representative Verdicts & Settlements

Specific Information for Several Actions and Recoveries are Protected by Confidentiality Provisions.

  • Defense verdict in Utah State Court against claim seeking 8 figure damage award for spinal cord injury and subsequent paralysis allegedly caused by care of hospital employee
  • Defense verdict in Wasatch County Utah against claim seeking 7 figure damage award for claim alleging treatment caused cauda equine syndrome and for failure to diagnose the syndrome
  • Defense verdict in Utah State Court against claim seeking 7 figure damage award for alleged brain injury to a child due to trauma at delivery from child falling to floor on head
  • Dismissal on eve of trial following evidentiary hearing resulting in opposing expert being stricken from testifying in claim seeking 7 figure damage award due to spinal cord infection
  • Reversal of Medicaid decision denying coverage for a life-changing medication needed by our client costing $600.00 per dose
  • Reversal of private insurer’s decision, following briefing and appeal hearing, denying coverage for leukemia treatment for our client costing in excess of 7 figures
  • Defense verdict in Davis County Utah against claim seeking 7 figure damage award in case alleging treatment caused facial pain syndrome
  • Voluntary dismissal and sanctions against opposing counsel during jury selection for withholding evidence in claim alleging experimental procedure caused colon injury
  • Defense verdict in claims seeking 7 figure damage award for alleged failure to properly treat leg fracture following ski accident and diagnose compartment syndrome


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