Other Traumatic Injury


Drowning. Food poisoning.  Catastrophic injuries caused by other third party negligence.  On behalf of our clients, we demand full compensation from those responsible.

Other Traumatic Injury

Drowning. Food poisoning.  Catastrophic injuries caused by other third party negligence.

These are a few types of cases that our firm has handled, resulting in the recovery of millions of dollars for our clients.

The reality is that there are many types of injuries which can result in severe injuries and even death in addition to vehicle crashes and other more common injury scenarios.

Regardless of the specific event causing injury or death, our firm stands ready to help injured clients and their families recover full and complete compensation from all those responsible.  We are meticulous in identifying all those responsible, which may include individuals, organizations, companies, property owners, manufacturers, and municipalities. Once the identification for legal liability has been made, we will then, at the behest of our clients, initiate litigation against all those who we believe are legally liable for the damages sustained by our clients.

As experienced trial lawyers, we will not hesitate to take the cases of our clients to trial if those responsible are not willing to pay full and fair compensation. We have tried many cases before juries, and have obtained an enviable record of success for our clients.

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We provide contingency fee representation and advance costs on behalf of our clients during the litigation process, so you will not need to be concerned with out-of-pocket payments while your case is proceeding.

When we meet with you and learn about your case we can explain how we can help, and also answer any questions that you may have about the legal process or your options for seeking compensation.




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