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Young girl holding her gauzed-wrapped burned arm

Burn Injuries

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are among the most serious, painful, and horrific types of injuries that can be sustained. We understand.

Those who are severely burned typically face long and excruciatingly painful recoveries. Often, many surgeries will be needed, such as skin grafts and other reconstructive surgery. Each surgery and the associated rehabilitation can be as painful as the original burn injury.

Why Trial Lawyers are Critical for Burn Injury Cases

We approach every personal injury case as though it will go to trial. As a result, we are meticulous at the outset of each case in seeking to prove liability against any and all defendants who we believe are legally responsible.

Today, because the vast majority of personal injury cases are settled prior to trial, most personal injury lawyers have no or limited trial experience. This is not the case with our firm.

We have decades of experience in taking cases to trial. We believe that our trial experience not only helps us achieve full and fair settlements for our clients, but if the defendants will not offer a settlement that is acceptable to our clients, we will not hesitate to take their case to trial. We believe that our trial experience serves as a substantial factor in obtaining full compensation for our clients.


Calculating Future Costs and Damages

In a burn injury case, as with other personal injury cases, there is only one opportunity to seek full and complete compensation. Unlike many other types of injury cases, burn injury cases have a high likelihood of requiring substantial surgeries, medical treatment, and painful rehabilitation following the time during which litigation may be proceeding.

Such damages, and fair compensation for the future pain and suffering that will occur from treatment, is likely to be substantial. So too are other associated damages, including lost wages, diminished work capacity, and the cost for significant care.

With potentially millions of dollars at stake, defendants and often their insurance companies are likely to heavily dispute not only liability, but also such future costs.

To advance the cases of our clients who have been severely burned, we retain experts, such as physicians, other medical providers, wage-loss experts, vocational experts, and healthcare experts to provide their opinions regarding how our client’s life will be impacted by their burn injury. In particular, we will want to know the full costs anticipated for future surgeries and the ongoing rehabilitation and care that will be likely.

A critical part of recovering full compensation will be conveying to a jury both the past pain and suffering, as well as the future pain and suffering likely to be experienced. Pain and suffering includes not only physical pain, but also mental or emotional pain that can result from being significantly scarred.

In addition to such pain and suffering, a burn injury victim, and potentially their family, may also be entitled to recover for loss of consortium/loss of lifestyle and enjoyment. These damages reflect the lifestyle and lost opportunities suffered, such as the inability of a burn victim to enjoy the same intimacy with a spouse, or the inability of a burn injury victim to engage in the same physical activities with their children as they formally enjoyed.


Call us to schedule a free consultation.

We offer a free consultation and contingency fee representation, meaning that we are only entitled to a fee if we are successful in recovering compensation for you. Learn how we can help you and your family if you have been the victim of a severe burn injury.

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