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Trial Partnership


Your Trusted Trial Partner

If you are a lawyer seeking to secure the best possible outcome for your clients at trial, or wish to increase your settlement negotiation leverage by bringing in a law firm with a reputation of trying and winning cases, we can help. With a proven track record of delivering successful trial results and excess verdicts, we offer the expertise, experience, and dedication your firm needs to achieve victory in the courtroom.

Attorneys at Gross & Rooney

Trial Expertise:
Our team of seasoned trial attorneys brings years of courtroom experience to the table

Jeff Gross is a trial lawyer with over 30 years of experience who has taken numerous cases, for both plaintiffs and defendants, to jury verdicts and has obtained hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients. As a result of his trial experience and success, Jeff has been admitted as a Fellow of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, a Fellow of the International Society of Barristers and a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates. He is known throughout Utah’s legal community as a formidable trial lawyer.

Terry Rooney has been a dedicated trial lawyer for 33 years and takes great pride in obtaining successful outcomes for his clients through hard work, grit, and tenacity. Terry was recognized by Best Lawyers® for his work in Medical Malpractice Law and Personal Injury Litigation, and was awarded “Lawyer of the Year” in both Personal Injury Litigation and Medical Malpractice Law for Defendants in Salt Lake City. In addition to successfully resolving cases through settlement, many of which involved seven figure amounts, Terry’s long-standing extensive malpractice trial experience establishes credibility with the opposition. They know he is a fierce advocate for his clients, with a reputation for going to trial when necessary. In that regard, Terry has tried numerous cases throughout Utah.

With Jeff and Terry at our head, each of our trial attorneys and paralegals have the confidence, experience, and training necessary to show up and show out at trial. They can handle pre-trial motions, jury instructions, exhibit preparation, verdict forms, pretrial disclosures, jury selection, and every other stage of trial in a manner which gives your client the best likelihood of success.

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Resourceful Preparation:
Our meticulous trial preparation sets us apart

We delve deep into case details, leaving no stone unturned, and develop a story, tone, and approach that will resonate with the jury. We know how to prepare thoroughly and efficiently for trial, and we take the time necessary to personally prep every witness, research and practice every examination, and to come into trial knowing every document and fact in the case.

Reputation in the Community

Many in the Utah community know our firm and our attorneys for our willingness to take a case to trial, and when we make an appearance, they know they are facing an uphill battle. While we come into every case planning to take it to trial, we have seen that once we make an appearance, stalled settlement discussions immediately begin moving again in favor of the firm we partner with. This is especially true in policy limits cases where insurance companies know we have a proven track record of securing excess jury verdicts against their insureds. 



Call us to schedule a free consultation.

If you are in the latter stages of a case and lack the time, resources, or experience to take your case to trial, reach out to us today. Trials are what we do and what we enjoy. Let us increase your settlement negotiation leverage and work with you to achieve trial success that makes a difference for your clients. Partner with us and you will not have to walk into your next trial alone.

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