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Business Dispute & Commercial Litigation Practice


Types of Business and Commercial Litigation Matters We Handle

We represent clients in a wide variety of business and commercial litigation matters where typically hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars are at stake. Many of these matters are best characterized as “bet the company” matters for our clients, as their very survival is at stake. While we are available to represent clients in nearly any type of business dispute or litigation matters, we are commonly retained, and have significant experience in matters involving:

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Advancing Client Objectives

Our business dispute and commercial litigation practice is focused on developing strategies geared toward achieving the business goals and objectives of our clients. As trial lawyers, we first and foremost prepare and advance cases on the presumption that they will go to trial unless a settlement acceptable to our clients is forthcoming.

Our Commercial Litigation Approach

With decades of significant commercial litigation practice, we bring our dispute resolution expertise to clients for all matters. We are adept at exploring alternatives to litigation through creative approaches with the purpose of accomplishing client objectives, saving time, and saving money, while concurrently proceeding down the trial track. We have found that this concurrent two-path approach maximizes the opportunity for our clients to reach a favorable settlement, but if that is not forthcoming, we quickly move to the “no-holds barred” trial track.

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We Are Willing to Assume the Risks of Litigation

Unlike many law firms, we are willing to share the risks of litigation with our clients and represent them on a contingency or mixed fee basis.  We believe that this flexible approach can better align both client and legal counsel objectives.

Measuring Success

We gauge our success as trial lawyers by the types of clients who engage us for representation. In that regard, the greatest form of flattery is being engaged by our colleagues at other law firms, for whom we’ve handled several significant cases.

We also work for some of the largest and well respected corporate clients in Utah and other jurisdictions, and have handled a wide variety of matters including patent, copyright infringement, trade secret claims, contract disputes, and malpractice claims.


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