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Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual Property Litigation Practice

We are trial lawyers-not patent lawyers, but we have secured significant verdicts and results in patent cases and trade secret cases. Among other results, we have two $20+ million jury verdicts in a patent case and a trade secret case. If we need help, we associate experienced patent counsel who help us navigate the legal landscape while we focus on preparing for trying a case which a jury will understand.

If you have an intellectual property dispute, consider whether you want someone whose expertise is prosecuting patents or someone whose expertise is convincing juries. We have been involved in the following types of cases:

Patent Ownership and Validity

We represent clients in patent cases from claim construction, summary judgment, trial and appeal. We are admitted in the Federal Circuit.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements

Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements are critical for protecting valuable company information. When these agreements are violated, we are available to represent clients in seeking immediate action to protect client interests, and full compensation for the breaches that occur.


Trade Secrets

Trade secrets can include formulas, know-how, financial and cost information, and other types of information not generally known in an industry. Trade secrets often represent a significant portion of the value of a company. We help companies protect valuable trade secrets when such secrets are under threat of disclosure or improper use or misappropriation by current or former employees or contractors, or by other competitors. We stand ready to take immediate action to protect company interests.

Breaches of Licenses

The business model of many companies involves developing and then licensing intellectual property.  Licensees, however, do not always fully comply with their licenses. We are available to represent clients in breach of license matters.

Seeking Injunctive and Other Relief

In many intellectual property litigation matters, there is an immediate need to restrain a competitor from engaging in certain activities in order to prevent irreparable harm. In such instances we seek on behalf of our clients temporary restraining orders and other injunctive relief in order to prevent wrongful or damaging use of intellectual property.

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The Heart of Intellectual Property Matters – What Protection Exists?

Intellectual property litigation often involves examining the legal merits concerning the ownership and protection of the underlying property, such as:

  • Whether a patent is being infringed

  • Whether certain methods or information constitute protectable trade secrets

  • Whether technology is patentable


When intellectual property disputes arise concerning two or more parties, we are available to represent clients in seeking to advance their positions and secure for them a full and complete victory. As trial lawyers, we have successfully litigated numerous business disputes on behalf of our clients, including those involving intellectual property.

We stand ready to share the risks of litigation with our clients in many cases by providing representation on contingency, blended fee, or other alternative billing arrangements.


Contact us to learn more about our intellectual property litigation practice.

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