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Airplane and Helicopter Crashes

Airplane and Helicopter Crashes – Our Aviation Practice

With the advancement in technology, airplane and helicopter crashes aren’t supposed to happen. Presumably, every airplane and helicopter flown will be in optimal working condition, and all pilots will be experienced and will fly safely, even in unexpected conditions.

When planes and helicopters crash, normally an immediate accident investigation will be triggered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as local authorities. All investigators will want answers to basic questions, including what caused the crash, and what could have been done to prevent it?


We Also Want the Answers on Behalf of Our Clients

According to Boeing, about 80% of aircraft crashes today are caused by human error, with the remaining 20% of crashes due to machine failures and other causes.[1] Human error is not limited to pilots – human error can also include maintenance errors, air traffic control errors, and the errors by others that affect the ability of an aircraft to fly safely. In some instances, there can be multiple factors that contribute to a crash.

In representing clients, we do not simply wait for governmental crash investigations to be completed. We will also conduct our own meticulous investigation, which can include subpoenaing records relating to aircraft design and issues that may be known by the FAA or aircraft companies (as well as maintenance records for the aircraft involved in the crash), interviewing maintenance technicians, and retaining experts who may have insight into crashes. When government investigations have concluded, we will naturally want to review such reports to better understand the opinions and conclusions of such investigators.


Holding Those Responsible for Our Clients and Their Damages

Based upon our investigations, interrogatories, interviews, depositions, opinions of experts, research, and other information, once we are able to identify who we believe to be at fault for causing an aircraft crash, we then will take appropriate action against such individuals or entities in seeking full compensation on behalf of our clients. Typically, such action involves initiating litigation, in which case we prepare for a client’s case to go to trial.

In litigation, we believe it’s important for clients to know that we are trial lawyers. We demand full compensation for clients, and we are fully prepared to take a case through to trial if an acceptable settlement is not forthcoming.


Call us to schedule a free consultation.

We represent clients throughout Salt Lake City and Utah in airplane and helicopter crashes. We offer dedicated, full-service representation, and we are only compensated in injury and wrongful death cases if we are able to secure compensation for our clients. In addition, we advance litigation costs on behalf of clients, so our clients will not have to be concerned with paying such costs while their case is proceeding.

If you have lost a loved one in an aircraft crash, we would invite you to meet with us to learn about our firm and how we can help.

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