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Defective Children's Products

Defective Children's Products

According to, nearly 7.7 million children are treated for injuries in the emergency rooms of the United States every year. Additionally, about 8,000 families lose a child each year to a preventable injury.[1] Each year, a huge number of children are injured, and many are killed, as the result of defective products. Sadly, many of the products designed to keep children safe are the same products that cause injury and death.

We understand the grievous pain that comes from having a child injured or killed as the result of a defective product. Our representation is based upon not only recovering fully for an injured child and the child’s family, but also to send a strong signal to manufacturers and sellers of defective products that the manufacture and sale of dangerous and defective products will not be tolerated.

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Common Defective Children’s Products

Common defective children’s products include:

  • Strollers. Some strollers pose an unforeseen risk of “folding up” on children as the result of mechanical locking failures.  Strollers can also pose a risk of “pinching” and other injuries.

  • Cribs. Cribs can pose many risk to infants; particularly the risks that an infant may get his or her head stuck in the vertical slats. Although “drop side” cribs were banned by the CPSC in 2011, many such cribs are still sold in secondhand stores and garage sales.

  • Crib bedding. Crib bedding may allow infants to get their head stuck between the edges of the bedding and the side of the crib.

  • Child car seats. Child car seats may fail to do their primary job – reasonably protect infants in the event of a vehicle crash. Those that are also used in strollers may also have some the same defects as the strollers themselves; notably, that they can come loose or otherwise injure a child.

  • Small Toys. One of the significant ways that small toys can be defective is by presenting an unreasonable risk of choking.  Toys that consist of small magnets have also been a high risk to children.

  • Playground equipment, including trampolines. Playground equipment can pose  a number of dangers, including those associated with falls. Additionally, equipment that moves or spins can cause other injury; in particular, injuries that result when fingers, hands, or other body parts are caught in spinning or rotating parts. Trampolines have long been the cause of many injuries, and today, even those that have protective netting around the sides to stop users from falling off are not entirely safe.

  • High Chairs. Highchairs should contain five–point harnesses, which help protect children from wiggling out of the harness and falling.

  • Sports equipment, including bicycle helmets. Bicycle helmets and other sporting equipment designed to protect participants can be defective if they fail to do so.

  • Children’s Metal Jewelry. Older children’s jewelry often contained lead or cadmium, both of which are harmful if swallowed or ingested.

  • Dressers and Bookshelves. Dressers and bookshelves can pose a significant risk to children from falling on them, especially if climbed on. Large objects sitting on top of dressers and bookshelves can also fall on children, even if the dresser or bookshelf itself does not fall.[2]

Current Defective Children’s Products Recalls

The CPSC maintains a list of recalls for defective children’s products. Because of the number and frequency concerning recalls for defective products, it is nearly impossible to monitor this list on a daily basis to find out about the latest products that have been recalled.

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What Can You Do if Your Child Has Been Significantly Injured or Has Died from a Defective Product?

We understand the heartbreak, pain, and grief that result from a significant injury to our children. We also understand the tragic loss that occurs when a child has died.

These circumstances demand full compensation and justice. As experienced trial lawyers, we will do everything in our power to get you the compensation and justice you deserve, and to seek to hold those responsible fully accountable for their damages. Like you, we want to make sure that no other children are harmed.


Call us to schedule a free consultation.

We can help. We represent injury and wrongful death clients on a contingency fee basis, and advance all costs of the litigation so that our clients do not have to come out of pocket any money while their case proceeds.

Call us – we will meet with you for a free consultation so that you can learn about how we can help and we can discuss with you the options available for seeking full compensation.

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